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Perfusion Systems Perfusion Systems
Pressurized Superfusion Pressurized Superfusion
Temperature Control Temperature Control
SmartSquirt® Microperfusion
Perfusion Chambers Perfusion Chambers
Rodent Fixation Systems
Brain Slice and Tissue Chambers Brain Slice & Tissue Chambers
Customize a Perfusion System
Complete Electrophysiology Rig
Amplifiers and Stimulators Amplifiers & Stimulators
MDC/Axon Instruments Heka Data Acquisition
Heka Data Acquisition Heka Data Acquisition
Siskiyou Mechanicals Siskiyou Mechanicals
Sutter Manipulators Sutter Manipulators
Micropipette Fabrication Micropipette Fabrication
TMC Air Tables TMC Air Tables
MED64 Multi-Electrode Array Multi-electrode Array
Automated Pipette Patch Clamping Automated Patch Clamping
Port-a-Patch® Planar Patch Clamping
Vesicle Prep Pro Bilayer Apparatus
Filter Wheels Optical Instruments
Functionalized Bio-surfaces Functionalized Bio-surface
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  As a small company, AutoMate Scientific owes its existence to a bunch of really cool, dedicated individuals. We would like to acknowledge these people to the world!

Josef Kewekordes II (Cordes)
, President, Co-founder, Senior Designer
Heath Lukatch, Ph.D., Co-founder & Cohort
Alix Stirton, Special Ops
Sarah McAllister, Administrator
Michael Trujillo, Ph.D., Senior Application Scientist
Gong (Gary) Cheng, Senior Application Scientist
Dr. Sharon Smart, The Best
David Marr, Website Design & Development
Norma McDonough, Brand, Website and Print Art Director

Kenneth Brownlee, Electrical Engineer and President, Brownlee Precision
Dean Diershow, Senior Programmer, Web Master
Dave Ilstrup, Programmer -- 6502 assby., C, etc., Web Master
Gabriel Stern, CAD PC Design
Brian Greenstone, 6502 (et al.) Programmer Extraordinaire, EPP!
James Matley, Macintosh C Programmer
Tim Niemi, Macintosh C Programmer
Kevin McGaffey, WWW Layout and Online Marketing Consulting
Klaus Kewekordes, CAD enclosure design
Trent Resnor, NIN

Bruce MacIver, Stanford University Medical Center - Beta Test Lab
Ptolemy, Project Disorganization R.I.P.
Nathan Trueblood, Sanity + Mountainbiking + Snowboarding Assistance & I.S. God
Alex Wahl, My Pal
Mom and Dad, Biogenesis and invaluable ($) support

Also: Apple Ccomputer, MacOS, FileMaker, osCommerce, Burning Man. The San Francisco Bay area!


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