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Pressurized Superfusion Pressurized Superfusion
Temperature Control Temperature Control
SmartSquirt® Microperfusion
Perfusion Chambers Perfusion Chambers
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Brain Slice and Tissue Chambers Brain Slice & Tissue Chambers
Customize a Perfusion System
Complete Electrophysiology Rig
Amplifiers and Stimulators Amplifiers & Stimulators
MDC/Axon Instruments Heka Data Acquisition
Heka Data Acquisition Heka Data Acquisition
Siskiyou Mechanicals Siskiyou Mechanicals
Sutter Manipulators Sutter Manipulators
Micropipette Fabrication Micropipette Fabrication
TMC Air Tables TMC Air Tables
MED64 Multi-Electrode Array Multi-electrode Array
Automated Pipette Patch Clamping Automated Patch Clamping
Port-a-Patch® Planar Patch Clamping
Vesicle Prep Pro Bilayer Apparatus
Filter Wheels Optical Instruments
Functionalized Bio-surfaces Functionalized Bio-surface
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