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Perfusion Systems Perfusion Systems
Pressurized Superfusion Pressurized Superfusion
Temperature Control Temperature Control
SmartSquirt® Microperfusion
Perfusion Chambers Perfusion Chambers
Rodent Fixation Systems
Brain Slice and Tissue Chambers Brain Slice & Tissue Chambers
Customize a Perfusion System
Complete Electrophysiology Rig
Amplifiers and Stimulators Amplifiers & Stimulators
MDC/Axon Instruments Heka Data Acquisition
Heka Data Acquisition Heka Data Acquisition
Siskiyou Mechanicals Siskiyou Mechanicals
Sutter Manipulators Sutter Manipulators
Micropipette Fabrication Micropipette Fabrication
TMC Air Tables TMC Air Tables
MED64 Multi-Electrode Array Multi-electrode Array
Automated Pipette Patch Clamping Automated Patch Clamping
Port-a-Patch® Planar Patch Clamping
Vesicle Prep Pro Bilayer Apparatus
Filter Wheels Optical Instruments
Functionalized Bio-surfaces Functionalized Bio-surface
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Perfusion Systems, Pressurized Superfusion, Tempurature Control, SmartSquirt, Perfusion Chambers, Rodent Fixation Systems, Amplifiers & Stimulators, MDC/Axon Instruments, Heka Data Acquisition, Brain Slice & Tissue Chambers, Siskiyou Mechanicals, Sutter Manipulators, Micropipette Fabrication, Optical Instruments, TMC Air Tables, Multi-Electrode Array, Automated Patch Clamping

Automate Full Product Line Catalog
Automate Full Catalog AutoMate Scientific Catalog (10.3 mb)
Perfusion Systems (top)
Perfusion System Overview Perfusion Systems (244 k)
ValveBank® Controller (188 k)
ValveLink8.2® Controller (176 k)
Perfusion Accessories (204 k)
Sub-millisecond Switching (297 k)
EasyCode® Software (116 k)
Perfusion System Overview (244 k)

ValveBank® Manual (4.1 mb)
ValveLink8.2® Manual (2.8 mb)
Valve Replacement Manual (36 k)
Valve Troubleshooting Manual (232 k)
EasyCode® Manual (1.1 mb)
Nut & Ferrule Manual (56 k)

Pressurized Superfusion (top)
Pressurized Superfusion Overview Perfusion Pencil® (128 k)
Pressurized Superfusion Overview (192 k)

Perfusion Pencil® Manual (201 k)
Pressurized Perfusion Manual (68 k)
Temperature Control (top)
Temperature ControlThermoClamp (196 k)
BubbleStop™ Syringe Heater (100 k)
Cool Solutions Peltier Heat (567 k)
Delta T Open Dish Heater (124 k)
Delta T Stage Adapters, Accessories, Dishes (404 k)
FCS3 Closed Chamber-Upright, Stage Adapters (296 k)
FCS2 Closed Chamber-Inverted, Stage Adapters (156 k)
Objective Cooling Collar, Objective Heater System (144 k)
Closed Perfusion Pump, Perfusion Pump Software (160 k)
Glass Culture Cylinder (220 k)
Temperature Control Overview (992 k)

ThermoClamp Manual (2 mb)
Delta T4 Culture Dish System Instructions (808 k)
Hinged Perfusion Adapter (236 K)
Delta T Heated Lid (116 K)
Delta T Heated Lid w/ Perfusion (120) K)
Delta T Cooling Ring (164 K)
Tissue Slice Adapter (232 K)
Artificial Membrane Adapter (168 K)
Brain Slice Adapter (76 K)
Yeast Slide (736 K)
Culture Cylinders (220 K)
FCS3 Closed Chamber (556 k)
FCS2 Closed Chamber (724 k)
Objective Cooling Collar (156 k)
SmartSquirt (top)
SmartSquirtSmartSquirt® (172 k)
Perfusion Chambers (top)
Perfusion Chambers OverviewQuickStage Chambers (1.4 mb)
Petri Dish Perfusion Chamber (108 k)
Oocyte Perfusion Chamber (106 k)
StageHands Magnetic Tool Holders (392 k)

Petri Dish Manual (192 k)
Oocyte Perfusion Chamber Manual (68 k)
Rodent Fixation Systems (top)
Rodent Fixation SystemsRodent Fixation Systems (148 k)

Rodent Fixation Manual (316 k)
Amplifiers & Stimulators (top)
Amplifiers & Stimulators OverviewPico 2 Amplifier & Digitizer (289 k)
Brownlee 410 (152 k)
Brownlee 440 (156 k)
NeuroLog Modular System (244 k)
Hum Bug Noise Eliminator (184 k)
DS2A Voltage Stimulator, DS3 Current Stimulator (148 k)
DG2A Train Delay Generator (156 k)
Amplifiers & Stimulators Overview (852 k)
Equipment Racks (231k)
DS4 Bi-phasic Stimulus Isolator (115k)

All NeuroLog Manuals (2.2 mb)
Hum Bug Manual (656 k)
MDC/Axon Instruments (top)
MDC/Axon Instruments OverviewMultiClamp 700b Amp (192 k)
Axoclamp 900A Amp (172 k)
Axopatch 200B Amp (176 k)
Headstages, Holders, Model Cells, Cables, Odd Bits (304 k)
Digidata 1550A (224 k)
pCLAMP 10 Software (172 k)
Axoporator 800A (176 k)
MDC/Axon Instruments Overview (976 k)

MultiClamp 700b (4.6 mb)
Axoclamp_900A (2.9 mb)
Axopatch_200B (800 k)
Digidata_1440A (705 k)
Axoporator_800A (7.8 mb)
Heka Data Acquisition (top)
Data Acquistion Overview ITC-1600 (72 k)
ITC-18 (64 k)
Data Acquistion Overview (184 k)

ITC-1600 Manual (372 k)
ITC-18 Manual (688 k)
PCI -16 Manual (308 k)
PCI-18 Manual (284 k)
Brain Slice & Tissue Chambers (top)
BrainsliceBSC1 Brochure (728 k)
BSC2 - Interface (728 k)
BSC3 - Four or Six Channels (360 k)
MSC1 - Submerged (92 k)
MSC3 - Interface (200 k)
Brain Slice Keeper (256 k)
Tissue Chamber (132 k)
Brain Slice & Tissue Chambers Overview (272 k)

BSC1 Manual (228 k)
BSC2 - Manual (424 k)
BSC3 - Manual (448 k)
Siskiyou Mechanicals (top)
Siskiyou ManipulatorsSiskiyou Manipulators (736 k)
Siskiyou Platforms (316 k)
Siskiyou Translators (192 k)
Siskiyou Accessories (216 k)
Siskiyou Mechanicals Overview (1.3 mb)
Sutter Manipulators (top)
Sutter Manipulators Overview Sutter Manipulators Overview (152 k)
Micropipette Manipulators (696 k)
Micropipette Fabrication (top)
Micropipette PullersMicropipette Pullers (308 k)
Zeitz DMZ Puller (936 k)

Zeitz DMZ Puller - Manual (1.1 mb)
Optical Instruments (top)
Optical Instruments OverviewOptical Instruments Overview (576 k)
TMC Air Tables (top)
TMC Air Table Overview CleanBench™ (1.7kmb)
Active Tables, Series 20 (128k)
Faraday Cages (112k)
TableTop Platforms, Series 64 (116k)
TableTop CSP®, Series 66 (112k)
TMC Air Tables & Acessories Overview (500k)

TMC Setup Manual (6.7 mb)
Multi-Electrode Array (top)
Multi-electrode ArrayMED64 Probes (112)
MED64 Software (128 k)
MED-QT System (600 k)
Multi-Electrode Array Overview (324 k)

MED64 Amplifier Manual (1.2 mb)
MED64 Connector Manual (604 k)
Automated Patch Clamping (top)
Automated Patch Clamping Overview PatchMAX 100A (136 k)
ChannelMAX 100A (192 k)
Automated Patch Clamping Overview (288 k)

Automated Patch Clamping FAQ (116 k)
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