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Heat/Cooled Temperature Control System

This temperature controller is for superfusing small areas (e.g. groups of cells) in a recording bath, at a precisely controlled and rapidly adjustable local temperature. The system has been especially developed for patch clamp experiments in order to apply thermal stimuli without introducing noise or interference. It is also very suitable for intracellular ion imaging in cultured cells or tissue slices, oocyte recording, intracellular microelectrode recording or extracellular (e.g. brain slice) recording.

•  Heat from 20 to 50°C in 3 seconds, then cool to 2°C in just a few more seconds — all controlled by your electrophysiology software
•  Display Peltier, heatsink or bath temperature
•  Set the desired temperature from the front panel or from your computer
The CS-1 can generate any desired timecourse of temperature change, by simply converting a voltage from your interface into a temperature
•  Three externally amplified temperature sensors including an optically isolated bath sensor for low noise
•  Suitable for single channel (no detectable noise added), whole cell patch clamping, or fluorescent ion imaging of groups of cells
•  Optional water cooling for low-temperature work
•  Two output BNCs to monitor and record two temperatures externally (e.g. Peltier and bath)
•  All components included - five minute setup
•  Tried and tested design, used in major thermoTRP labs for over a decade (see list of publications)
•  12V batteries included for noise-free heating and cooling
•  Battery charger already included
•  Special 0.1°C error thermocouple for exceptional accuracy

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