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1/16" Perfusion Adapter Set

Typically, 1/16th" inside diameter tubing is more than adequate to perfuse the small volumes of cells that are used on a microscope. The 1/16th" diameter provides adequate flow and is easily workable. These are the products that Bioptechs has found to be suitable for microscopy applications. All have excellent biocompatibility and nearly zero gas permeability. The main differences are the survivability after autoclaving and transparency. Transparency is an issue when a parallel plate chamber is used. If any bubbles form during the perfusion process and get into the parallel plate optical cavity, they will adhere to the glass and potentially ruin an experiment. If a transparent tubing is used, the bubbles can be seen, giving you time to trap and eliminate them before they do harm. The final issue is autoclaving. All three of the top biocompatible tubing claim autoclavability. However, some survive better than others.

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