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Delta T Culture Dish Accessory Brain Slice Adapter

The Bioptechs Brain Slice Adapter is combined with the Delta T® Culture Dish System to provide a convenient method of observing thick cut sections of brain or other tissue in a perfusable, temperature controlled, optical environment on an inverted microscope. Perfusion ports are made of 304 stainless steel and are compatible with 1/16" tubing. As with all Bioptechs Delta T® Culture Dish Adapters, the specimen is adjustable in the Z axis plane to accommodate the working distance of the objective. Custom geometry adapters are available upon special order to accommodate specimens having unique geometry.

•  The specimen is placed onto a polycarbonate disk with an aperture in its center
•  This disk is placed into a well / receiver in the Z adjustable support
•  A 304 stainless steel weight with a Nylon mesh covering rests on the specimen to keep it from floating
•  This assembly is threaded into a focusing ring that rests on the top of the Delta T Dish
•  The depth of the specimen in the dish is adjusted by rotating the focusing ring
•  Perfusion occurs around all surfaces of the specimen
•  Radially Perforated for Media Exchange

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