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-FCS3 Starter Set: FCS3 Chamber, Controller, Microaqueduct Slides, 50- #1.5,40mm Coverslips, and Gasket Set

Bioptechs is pleased to release the FCS3 ®, a closed system, parallel plate, micro-environmental chamber for upright microscopes. The FCS3 provides the user with all of the functionality of the popular FCS2 but redesigned for upright microscopes. Therefore, you have the following attributes in one easy to load and use chamber:

• Suitable for no flow through high rate flow procedures where a rapid exchange of media is required with low cell surface shear
• Cell temperature can be controlled from ambient to 50° C +/- 0.2° C without the need of an air curtain
• Temperature is controlled uniformly across entire field with media equilibrating as it enters the chamber
• Closed system so that bicarbonate CO2 or organic buffers can be employed
• Compatible with 1/16" tubing for perfusion (C-Flex, Tygon, etc.)
• Easily assembled with ordinary skill (no tools required)
• Stand-alone temperature controller with an alarm circuit to safeguard your cells
• Near laminar flow

The Focht Chamber System 3 (FCS3) is a live-cell micro-observation system specifically for upright microscopes. It has all of the optical, thermal and fluidic capabilities of its predecessor the FCS2. Therefore, it provides compatibility with all modes of microscopy, uniform temperature control throughout the observation aperture, a near laminar flow that is adjustable to provide the user with the ability to modify the separation of optical surfaces, flow path geometry, and fluid volume.

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