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-Delta T Starter Kit - Heated Dish Stage
[Bi-0420-4 -Start]

Includes: Delta T Controller, 10pk of Delta T Dishes 0.17mm thick (clear unless specified), Coverglass Lid, Heated Lid with CO2 port, Culture Cylinder Pack: (1) 4mm, (1) 6mm, (1) 8mm, (1) 10mm, and Standard Stage Adapter, please specify when ordering

Finally, a culture dish system specifically designed for live-cell microscopy! Now you can have accurate temperature control and high numeric aperture compatibility in a convenient disposable culture dish system compatible with all modes of microscopy. Never before has there been so many capabilities integrated into a specimen control system.

•  Easily adapted to a variety of specimen types from monolayered adherent cells to tissue preps
•  Low mass to thermo-regulate as opposed to conventional stage heaters
•  Plate, incubate, and observe without the need to transfer your cells
•  Fast thermal recovery after perfusion (within seconds)
•  Compatible with inverted and upright microscope stands
•  Coverglass bottom for optimum optical compatibility
•  No need for warm air blowers or stage heaters
•  Direct first-surface heating to your cells
•  No preheating

An intelligent feedback loop passes an electrical current through a thin film coating on the underside of the glass substrate on which the cells are grown. Heat is applied directly to the cells without the inefficiencies
associated with peripheral heating by traditional culture dish warmers. The controller features a real-time temperature display and fast learning curve to compensate for cooling due to surface evaporation while responding to temperature changes due to perfusion. There is also an alarmed protection circuit to safeguard the cells and an internal reference for user adjustable calibration. The standard controller has a temperature range of ambient to 50°C. Bioptechs exclusively offers opaque culture dishes which eliminates internal reflection of unwanted ambient light from the background for fluorescence imaging.

The Delta T controller operates from 100-240 volt AC, 50-60 Hz, or battery. Thermo-regulation is achieved through control of both amplitude and duration of the current flowing through the ITO coating; average power to dish is 0.9 Watt.

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