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Burleigh Fast Piezo Perfusion Switcher - 300 µm travel

* One-way solution switching in less than 100 µsec; Two-way solution pulses in less than 1 msec

* Smooth, stable and accurate linear motion using solid-state PZT actuators integrated with monolithic flexure stages

* Simple electronic integration with Axon pClamp or other patch clamp hardware & software

* Integrated manual stages & adjustments for easy coarse alignment

* Up to 20 times faster than stepper motor systems

* Overcomes problems of desensitization with slower systems

Burleigh's Piezoelectric Ultrafast Solution Switching Systems can change the chemical environment of a whole cell or excised patch with sub-millisecond time resolution. These systems are complete, practical and easy-to-implement approaches for rapidly moving a theta tube and its exiting solution stream. Now you can uncover the actual kinetics of ion channels, reconstruct the naturally occurring conditions at the synapse of a neuron and eliminate the problem of desensitization resulting from longer time exposures to a drug in pharmacological studies.

LSS-3000 Series Ultrafast Solution Switching System
This system consists of components with the following modules:

* PZS-100HS & PS-200 Microstages
These are PZT actuated flexure stages that generate straight vibration-free motion in a small robust package.

* LS-10 Mounting System and CP-300 Manual Stage Assembly
These combine to provide a very stable yet flexible universal mounting system for integration with virtually any microscope.

* The PZ-150M Amplifier/Driver
This is an analog high voltage power supply with sufficient power & frequency response to drive the PZS MicroStages at maximum speed.

* PCS-500 Series Microscope Mounts
A number of optional microscope mounts are available to mount these systems to a variety of commercial microscopes.

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